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# Name Department Award/Achivnment
1 Dr. (Mrs.) R. S. Bindu Mechanical Engineering Awarded Ph. D. by Pune University in Academic Year 2012-13
2 Mr. S. L. Pachpute Mechanical Engineering Awarded M.E. Heat Power by Pune University Academic Year 2012-13
3 Prof. Zha Mechanical Engineering Two Patents have been awarded (Patent Nos. 2638/mum/2008 and 2052/mum/2008)
4 Dr. (Mrs.) R. S. Bindu Mechanical Engineering Appointed as the Coordinator, Students’ Forum, for the 12th AUTOMOBILE TRADE FAIR held in Pune during 19th to 23rd Dec. 2012
5 Prof. S. R. Deodas Mechanical Engineering Regularly contributes as Resource person at Forbes Marshall Limited, Pune
6 Prof. N. K. Kamble Production Engineering Registered for PhD degree at University of Pune.
7 Dr. P. Malathi Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Achieved Ph.D. degree in microwave and communication Engineering and published 16 International journal papers
8 Mr. V. S. Vibhute Instrumentation Engineering Best Paper at International Conference on Electrical, Electronics & Computer Science, August 2012, Goa, Approximation of Hysteresis Density Function in Stretch Sensor
9 Dr. Mrs. A. S. Kote Civil Engineering Received Department of Irrigation Prize, Union Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India for a Paper published in Civil Engineering Journal of Institution of Engineers (India), Kolkata
10 Dr. Mrs. A. S. Kote Civil Engineering Member, Board of Studies of University of Pune from NOV. 2010
11 Dr. Mrs. A. S. Kote Civil Engineering Resource Person in ISTE sponsored Short Term Training Program (On Self financing basis) on “Genetic Algorithm and Neuro-Fuzzy Applications in Engineering, GANEUFAE-2010” at Government College of Engineering, Aurangabad during 29 November-10 December, 2010 (Two Weeks)
12 Dr. N. S. Jain Civil Engineering Awarded PhD from Aurangabad University in year 2012
13 Dr. M. S. Kaulgi First Year Awarded Ph.D. on 13th May 2013 - Mathematics

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