In view of Autonomy granted to DYPCOE, following faculty are appointed at various positions of Deans.



Roles and Responsibility


Dean Administration – Dr S S Sarnobat

Leadership of administrative office, ERP Systems Implementation, Human Resources Management, financial Leadership, Purchasing and Procurement, Legal Management, Budget Management, Governance

and Compliance, Strategic Planning, Risk Management


Dean Academics and Autonomy – Dr Preeti Patil

Curriculum Design and Development, Syllabi Formulation, Diploma and Certification Programs, Academic Audits and FDPs, STTPs, Workshops in coordination with IQAC, Students Academic Support, Liaison with External Academic Bodies and Autonomy Reports, Innovations in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation


Dean Quality Assurance – Dr Vinay Kulkarni

IQAC, NBA and NAAC Accreditation Management, NIRF Coordination, Private Rankings and Awards, Faculty Development and Enhancements,  Appraisal  Implementation,  Professional  Society,

Strategic Quality Initiatives, Academic Calendar Management


Dean Research, Development and Grants – Dr S M Shiyekar

Fostering Innovations, Management of Publications, Research Funding, Consultancy, IPR, Conferences, Seminars and FDPs, CoE, Entrepreneurship Development


Deam Admissions and Extensions – Dr Sanjay Babar

Admissions Strategy and Implementation, FRA Compliance, Extension Activities relevant to admissions, Resources Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Development of Students referrals


Dean Collaborations (National and International) – Dr D G Khairnar

MoUs, Partnerships and Network Building, Academic and Research Collaborations, Sponsorship Acquisitions and Fund Raising, Students Exchange Programs, Event Planning and Management, Intellectual Property and Compliance, Resource Management, Performance Reporting, Promotion and Advocacy


Dean Academic Monitoring – Dr Kiran Shiralkar

Attendance Policy Development, Regular Attendance Tracking, Defaulters and Detention Lists, Communication to Parents, Timetable Coordination, Conflict Resolution of Students and Parents, Timetable Compliance, Adjustments and Updates


College Examination Officer – Dr K D Bamane

Examination Planning and Coordination, Examination Announcements and Scheduling, Supervision of Examination Processes, Academic Transcripts and Grade Cards, Result Declaration, Complaint Redressal Committee, Lapses Committee, Policy Development and Implementation, Training and Development, Stakeholder Engagement