Computer Center

The Internet is transforming society and shaping the future through chat.

Modern era without computers is like desert without sand. At DYP we have air-conditioned labs enabled with internet and licensed software applications connected in network. Wi-Fi facility is provided as another mandatory thing so students are not restricted to labs or spend money in café for projects and programming.





Books are man’s best friends

Any discipline of study requires material of study, references and information collected at one place; library. We are moving rapidly in technology sophisticated world but hard copy is a preferred medium chosen by students from ancient eras. Our library wardrobe consists of huge quantum of books split between authors, topics, subjects, magazines and newspapers. An entire silent zone with mechanized search system is serviced by librarian who is skilled enough to handle all concerns of students. Overall we have a stock of 3000 books.




Shantai Auditorium

To achieve something you’ve never had before, you must do something you’ve never done before.

A mandatory facility as a part of modern technology based education. A fully equipped and seminar hall architected with advance mounted projector and screen. The student themselves can utilize additional facility of audio, video and recording system with prior permission.




Language Laboratory

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness, which a deaf can hear and a blind can see.

Strange to hear but a unique concept at DYP is that of Language Laboratory. The institute under the guidance of communication skills experts train students to enhance their writing and verbal capabilities. The students are developed and assist as per corporate requirements.




Amphi Theatre

If you want to reach people, amphitheatre is always the best way to do it.

The amphitheatre is exactly in the middle of campus is a centre of attraction for everyone giving awesome ambience to the students of DYPCOA in organizing Industry-Institute Interactions, fares and Cultural fests.




Dnyanaprasad Sabhagruha

A kind of conference room has a seating capacity of 200 with Projectors, Internet access unit, Television set, VHS, CD/VCD units is utilized for events, presentations, meetings, conferences and lectures.





Separate transport facility

Transport facility is completely managed by our institution without involvement of  any Third party or vendor at this role. Pick and drop is arranged as per timings of college, with one security always in bus traveling with the students. In order to cover the entire city sufficient numbers of buses are stocked in the campus. For Industrial visits of all courses are also carried out with this transport facility.





Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.

Yes! Not only the body but the soul should also be fulfilled by the quality of food. Every ward desire & has a right for food which is hygiene and healthy. We believe when a student’s health is good; half way is achieved in their progress.




Sports Ground

If you keep playing, you stay healthy, you keep performing

The campus has facilities of tennis court, badminton hall, basket ball court and football ground. Those who are passionate about gym for them we have an equipped gymnasium with associate trainer for correct guidance and methods to be followed.